10’6 MVP

10’6 MVP

Jack of All Trades, Master of Fun!

We have talked to so many paddlers that are looking for the one stand up paddle board that can do it all. Badfish shaper Zack Hughes met that challenge with the 10’6 MVP. The 10’6 incorporates design elements that make the 9’ MVP the choice for serious river SUP, in a more traditional package.

The chine on the rail and higher volume nose provide stability in rougher water, while maximizing glide in flatwater and keeping a narrower bottom cross section for surfing, than a typical 32” wide SUP board.

Surfing, flatwater paddling, yoga, class II river running, wherever stand up paddling takes you, the 10’6 MVP is the one paddle board quiver for all your adventures.


  • length: 10’6″
  • width: 32″
  • Rails: 5.5″
  • Standing Area: 5″
  • Volume: 208 liters
  • Fins: single
  • innegra/fiberglass blend, epoxy resin
  • Uses: You name it.
  • Board Sizing Suggestions
  • $1,399
    Temporarily SOLD OUT