Badfish Paddle Board Sizing

Badfish Stand Up Paddle boards come in a variety of sizes in order to accommodate a variety of paddlers and types of paddling. We do not provide strict paddler weight guidelines because all our sizes will generally accommodate a wide range of paddler weights. Choosing the right size generally is more about what type of paddling you do the most and what your goals are with the board. The following represents some general guidelines when choosing the right size for you. Please feel free to give us a call (800) 519-0805 or send us an email with questions

6’11” River Surfer: The 6’11 River Surfer is meant for high performance paddle board river surfing. The board is designed for park and surf (a river wave that you have immediate access to). Bigger paddlers (up to 200lbs) will be able to use this board for its intended purpose. The 6’11 is the best choice for smaller, low volume rivers where its short length will fit into smaller features and larger high volume river waves as well.

6’6″ Cobra: The Cobra was designed for river surfing and excels in smaller waves and holes. The Cobra is shorter and wider than the 6’11 River Surfer and higher volume. The Cobra is meant for park and surf. This board will accommodate larger paddlers (over 200lbs), some smaller paddlers (under 140lbs) may find this board too high volume.

7’2 IRS: The Inflatable River Surfer was designed for entry level river surfing or as a travel option for intermediate to advanced river surfers. It is wider and thicker than the 6’11 River Surfer making it more stable while crossing eddy lines. The IRS can be paddled downriver on easy (class II and under) rivers and in whitewater parks. The IRS can be dual-purposed as a kids board as well.

8’0” River Surfer: The 8’0 River Surfer is meant for high performance paddle board river surfing. The board is designed for park and surf and will accommodate a large range paddlers including those paddlers up to 230lbs. This board is a great choice if you are surfing larger volume rivers. The longer length and flatter rocker make this board faster and more stable making it a great choice for bigger rivers or larger paddlers on smaller rivers.

9’0 MVP: The 9’ MVP is a large volume paddle board. This board is designed for downriver whitewater paddling and surfing and will accommodate paddlers up to 250lbs. If running rapids and catching river waves on the fly is your goal this is the board for you. Paddlers less than 160lbs may find this board too high volume. For smaller paddlers we have a smaller version called the sliMVP.

7’6” MVP: The 7’6 MVP is really a hybrid of the River Surfer Series and 9’ MVP. Smaller paddlers use the 7’6 for river running and larger paddlers love it for river surfing. It is wider than the River Surfer and has the beveled rails, or chine, of the 9’ MVP. Due to these features some larger riders really like the 7’6 for river surfing or if you need to paddle downriver to get to a river wave. Larger paddlers or beginner paddlers sometimes choose the 7’6 for park and surf due to its user friendly design.

MCIT Badfish Inflatable 9’0: The smallest size of the MCIT is a great choice for smaller paddlers up to 170lbs.

MCIT Badfish Inflatable10’6 & 11’6: Both of these sizes will work for paddlers up to 230lbs. Choosing the right size has more to do with which characteristic you value more: maneuverability (10’6) or speed (11’6).

Badfisher 11’0: The Badfisher inflatable is wide for stability (40″) and will accommodate very large paddlers as well as paddlers with gear strapped to the deck. Total weight capacity is in excess of 300lbs.