Badfish Team Profile: Bodhi Harrison

Photographer: Heather Jackson

Name: Bodhi Harrison

Age: 18

Hometown: Clear Creek, Golden CO

“Home” Paddling Spot/Wave: Golden Whitewater Park and Clear Creek

Favorite Paddling Adventure/highlight of last year: Winning the ‘Last Man Standing’ competition at Durango’s Animas River Days.

2017 Plans/Goals: My goal is to be the best paddler and brand ambassador I can possibly be! 

Favorite Badfish Board: The River Surfer! Surfing is my #1 and the river surfer out performs any other river surfing board on the market with a thick buoyant deck and great rails that allow you to carve a wave like butter!

Other Sponsors: Rocky Mountain Paddleboard – CKS – Werner Paddles – Colorado River Surf Co. – Zeal Optics – Hover Hooligans – Surf Salida

Website: – coming soon.