Badfish Team Profile: Bradley Hilton

Bradley Hilton

Name: Bradley Hilton

Age: 26

Hometown: Grand Lake, CO

“Home” Paddling Spot/Wave: Colorado Headwaters (Grand Lake, Lake Granby, Upper CO River)

Favorite Paddling Adventure/highlight of last year:

The “Selfie 16′” trip in Southeast Utah. Paddling 260 miles down the San Juan River and throughout Glen Canyon with Zack Hughes and Mike Tavares.

2017 Plans/Goals:

I am looking forward to traveling with my friends and family during runoff season, doing my best to spread stoke and grow the sport along the way. I have goals to become more educated and engaged with environmental issues facing our waterways, and to help other paddlers become more educated and engaged as well.

Favorite Badfish Board and Why:

6’11 R iver Surfer. This board was a game changer for me and so many people in our community. It’s the gold standard for surfing river waves, and it deserves a spot in every paddlers quiver. Just look at any river wave lineup and the 6’11 speaks for itself.

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