Badfish Team Profile: Charlie Cindric

Charlie Cindric

Name:  Charlie Cindric

Age: 15

Hometown: Cheney, WA

“Home” Paddling Spot:  Spokane River

Favorite paddling adventure/highlight of last year:

Surfing Pipeline is the highlight of my season because it is such a powerful wave. The wave stretches all the way across the Lochsa River. It creates a big, tall wave with the center of it cresting over making a tube that breaks and crashes. While surfing Pipeline you can use the power of the wave to help you lay in some big carves. What I love about Pipeline is you feel like you are living in the moment. You aren’t worried about anything else that is happening, just your next turn on the glassy face is all that is on your mind.

2017 Plans/Goals:

-surf in Canada
-gain more short boarding skills
-run more rivers

Favorite Badfish Board and why:

The Badfish river surfer. It performs really well on all kinds of waves, from small pockets to big high water glassy waves like Pipeline. And is so much fun to paddle!