Badfish Team Profile: Christian Shaw

Christian Shaw

Name: Christian Shaw

Age: 25

Hometown: Ithaca, NY

“Home” Paddling Spot/Wave: Scout Wave Salida Whitewater Park

Favorite Paddling Adventure/highlight of last year:

Hiking into Waimanu Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii with my girlfriend Celine Jennnision @zero_waste_voyaga and the Inflatable Hole Shot. We lived off the land and paddle up the remote river to sample for Microplastics (which were found). There was a solid groundswell in the water hitting the North Shore of Big Island (where we were) and for the first day heaving beachbreak was closing out. It was so heavy the ground was shaking as we slept. On the final morning I finally awoke to see the swell had dropped and there were some nice looking shoulders to get into. Having no other surfers for reference I darted through the shorewash and snuck out the back between sets. When there next set came in I immediately realized I was in over my head as I stared down 6-8ft barreling lines. It took a little while to work up the courage to paddle in as I knew if I took one on the head my flimsily leash would snap under the pressure of the voluminous inflatable. When finally I got inside I was able to catch a two footer into the the beach and landed on the sand breathing hard but feeling triumphant. Here’s more on the trip with Nat Geo.

2017 Plans/Goals:

I have a busy year planned already with my non-profit Plastic Tides so my goal is to just get on the river as much as possible and make to a few events if I can. I hope we have rainy summer at home! I’ve go my eye on the Gauley Fest and surfing perfect wave for hours and hours and hours and hours! I might be moving to the SF Bay Area in the fall so that would open up a whole new world of paddling opportunities.

Your favorite Badfish Board and why:

Inflatable Hole Shot, though it’s not my favorite board to ride (that’s one of Zack’s 6’11” customs ; ) The Hole Shot is a one board quiver that has given me opportunities all over the world from surfing Sunset and Makaha to being the only person camping on a small island in West OZ to surfing small river wide waves in Oxfordshire and paddling from Oxford to London in 3 days on a flood stage Thames!

Other Sponsors:  Astral, G-Form, Werner, CLIF, Runa, Backpackers Pantry, LIVE Watersports, Klean Kanteen, Life Without Plastic, Plastic Tides