Badfish Team Profile: Claire Chappell

Claire Chappell

Claire Chappell

Name: Claire Chappell

Age: 34

Hometown: Okemos, Michigan

“Home” Paddling Spot/Wave: Glenwood Springs Wave

Favorite paddling adventure/highlight of last year:

Landing a frontside 360. Getting second place in my first surf comp (Fibark). Having my first clean run on Shoshone, class III near Glenwood.

2017 Plans/Goals:

Keep working toward more tricks. Learn to surf the new Badfish sk8 shortboard and shred the heck outta some big waves. Compete in way more surf comps. It’s always a goal to get better in downriver whitewater paddling when I have the time, I think the new Badfish River Shred is going to help me with that.

Favorite Badfish Board and why?

Still the River Surfer 6’11! Plain and simple: It surfs everything. It is responsive yet has great flotation and it’s taken me from wave to wave for 6 years and let me play and explore, carve and spin.

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