Badfish Team Profile: Natali Zollinger

Natali Zollinger

Name: Natali Zollinger

Age: 33

Hometown: Moab, Utah.

“Home” Paddling Spot/Wave:

Colorado River Daily through Moah, Utah.

Favorite paddling adventure/highlight of last year:

The best part of my season was surfing the famous Skookumchuck wave in BC Canada. I made a pact with myself when I first started paddling that I would never favor one side vs the other. It’s a hard, frustrating, and difficult learning curve to wait for your “offside” to catch up, but it’s made a huge difference in my skills, my races, navigation of the river, and the ability to get on more waves..especially skookumchuck. If there is one tip I would give someone first starting out paddling it would be to switch it up as much as possible, challenge your balance muscles, and continually stay in the unfamiliar. You’ll see progress a lot quicker that way, which will help you stay motivated longer and push yourself further….every damn day!

2017 Plans/Goals:

US, Canada, Japan, Europe, and Africa to teach SUP/River Skills. Instructing/Guiding is in my blood, if I could get paid to travel, teach, and train around water, I’d be 100% content.

Favorite Board:

The inflatable Hole Shot. It’s sexy, versatile, and has been my only sup I’ve trained with for all my races and instruction. Its light in weight with a shape that’s fast and super maneuverable, and the colors stand out on any river you paddle on. Overall, It’s my go to for all things paddling, and the one board I recommend for all my friends and family.

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