Mountain Valley Paddle board (MVP-S) 7’6″

The 7’6″ MVP-S is the result of Zack going into the shaping room and Dr. Frankenstein’ing the River Surfer and the 9’0 MVP into an evil spawn. Is it a river surfing SUP with river running characteristics? Or a smaller person’s river running SUP board that bigger paddlers will love surfing? We’re not into labels…we just know its next level river SUP fun. The MVP-S is its own Paddleboard all together, a River Surfer type of play board for people whose waves aren’t quite so accessible or a river runner for smaller paddlers. The 7’6″ takes some of the best features of the MVP and puts in a surfy platform. If you don’t have an accessible park and surf spot, but still want to surf your river consider the 7’6″ MVP.

The 2014 MVP-S is available with the protective Sharkskin coating on the bottom and rails.


  • length: 7’6″
  • width: 34″
  • Rails: 6 1/2″
  • Standing Area: 5 1/4″
  • Volume: 203 liters
  • Fins: 2 + 1
  • innegra/fiberglass blend, epoxy resin
  • high quality eps blanks
  • Board Sizing Suggestions
  • Uses: River Running, River Surfing
  • 7’6″ Sharkskin
    SALE $1105

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