Hole Shot Carbon Innegra


Hole Shot Carbon Innegra

The Carbon Innegra Hole Shot started out as a project to come up with the fastest board possible 11’ or under. Zack went into the shop and researched boat hulls and racing kayaks trying to deepen his understanding of what makes a craft glide effortlessly through water.

This was the design challenge that gave birth to the 11’ Hole Shot. A shorter racing style board that offers a unique take on the classic 12’6 or 14’ race board. More nimble without sacrificing glide, the 11’ Hole Shot is a unique choice for training, playing in the waves, river racing or cruising.

The Hole Shot has a piercing nose, into a displacement hull which transitions into a flat spot under foot for stability. Our pro riders use the Hole Shot as the fastest option for river racing, but the hole shot’s innovative hull makes it as efficient as most 12’6 race boards, making it a great choice for flat water cruising and the shorter length makes it a playful choice for surfing and playing in the waves.

Looking for an inflatable? Check out the Hole Shot Inflatable.


  • length: 11′
  • width: 30″
  • Rails: 5.5″
  • Fins: Single Fin (US Longboard Compatible)
  • Carbon/Innegra Construction
  • Uses: Do it all, travel, surf, flatwater, rivers
  • Lift-SUP carrying handle
  • EVA deck pad with kick tail
  • Board Sizing Suggestions
  • $1399

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