Explore. Stand Up Paddling is all about getting out on the water, connecting with yourself, with nature, with your family and friends, a break from the everyday….explore the possibilities with the new MVP-X from Badfish.

For Badfish’s first foray into flatwater touring, racing, cruising and fitness paddling, shaper Zack Hughes took the characteristics that define the Mountain Valley Paddleboard (MVP) series (stability, maneuverability), maximized glide and put them into a 12’6 platform that achieves stability as well as performance. So stable that Boardworks pro Mike Tavares won whitewater races on the MVP-X during the 2012-2013 river racing seasons.

The MVP-X demonstrates out of the box design typical of Badfish creations. A high volume nose parts the water cleanly while shedding waves and chop. At 32″ wide with a reduced version of the Badfish chine the MVP-X has superior primary and secondary stability. Water parts from the tail cleanly, creating little drag making this board a great choice for recreational racing and touring.


  • length: 12’6″
  • width: 32″
  • Rails: 6 1/2″
  • Standing Area: 5 1/2″
  • Volume: 330 liters
  • Fins: Single
  • fiberglass epoxy resin
  • high quality eps blanks
  • Uses: Flat Water touring, Recreational Racing, expeditionary, river running
  • Board Sizing Suggestions
  • $1,699
    SALE! $1120

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