The “Re-Leash” is an elastic surf leash that connects the surfer to the board and terminates at a “quickdraw”. The link between leash and “quickdraw” is a snap shackle release device that is activated with a tug on a small canopy ball.

The Re-Leash can be attached to a pfd strap, or anything near either of your hands by the carabineer, allowing for quick detachment of the leash when under load. No more long reaches to your ankle strap when you need to get away from your board quickly. “Release and Re-Leash”.

The Re-Lease was originally designed for stand up paddle boarding in rivers and for surfing stationary wave, but is also an excellent low-drag leash for all types of stand up paddle boarding.

Available in 6′ Straight or 11′ Coil

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