Innegra River Surfer


A home grown blend of stability and responsiveness designed to make surfing possible on your local river wave

Back in 2006 Zack set out to solve a problem. Mike was building waves that looked rideable to Zack, but all the boards he tried bogged down. Except for a few waves at really high flows, surf boards just did not plane out on river waves. River waves are not like ocean waves. Rivers waves are generally smaller and slower. Ocean waves have sharks under them too. So it is not a surprise that boards that surf in the ocean do not work well on standing waves in rivers. In the ensuing 5 years of design and testing Zack came up with a shape that we think is the ultimate tool for surfing standing waves in rivers. These boards will rip large waves in high volume rivers like the Glenwood Wave, but where they shine is at the local play wave at average flows, meaning your river surfing season is not limited to 3-4weeks of high flows, or limited to people with a surfing background. The River Surfer…bringing surfing to your hometown play spot. (without sharks)



  • length: 6’11”
  • width: 30″
  • thickness: 5 1/2″
  • volume: 6’11=148 liters
  • Fins= FCS Tri
  • innegra/fiberglass blend, epoxy resin
  • high quality eps blanks
  • Board Sizing Suggestions
  • Uses: river surfing (park & surf), wake surfing
  • Innegra River Surfer 6’11″$899

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