Wave Farmer


Driving across the wheat fields of eastern Washington, on the way back to the airport after surfing the largest standing wave in the Country at Lakeside Surf in Lake Chelan, Washington, Badfish shaper Zack Hughes was inspired to create the Wave Farmer series of surfboards. The wave required a high-performance board with plenty of rocker in the nose and tail to make smooth rail to rail carves, provide a launch pad for airs and clear the tail on spins. The Wave Farmer comes in three sizes and will unlock the next level of your river surfing at the best waves. Like a farmer working the land to produce food, inland surfing is all about the creation of surf culture where none existed before. The Wave Farmer Series is the fruit of our labors.

//4’10x18 5/8” x2 ½”
//26 Liters
//5’2”x 18 5/8” x 2 1/2”
//28 Liters
//5’4”x 19 ½” 2 ½”
//29 Liters
//Gore-Tex® vent
//EPS/Fiberglass construction
//FCS Tri-Fin