4.5" Soft Flex Center Fin

7 reviews

Specially designed for river running, this fin fits in the center fin box on the Rivershred or any board equipped with a standard US longboard center fin box. The material is very flexible with a raked shape that reduces the chance of damage to your board and of supermanning into the river if you hit a rock.


// SKU BF3-00016-00

// UPC 859933007149

// Standard longboard finbox compatable
// River running
// Flexible


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Matthew M.
United States


I discovered the existence of this fin while trying to setup an old board up better for Florida spring fed rivers. I'm so glad you make it; I was about to chop up some generic amazon fin. We even ended up a surf traveler once we realized the shallow realm was kinda your thing!

Canada Canada

Great help on shallow beaches

We live near and paddle in one of the world’s largest fresh water lakes, with miles of white sand beaches. That’s almost all awesome!…except that you can walk out into the water 100 feet and still not be even knee deep, which doesn’t work well when trying to paddle with conventional 9 and 10” fins. This 4.5” fin is a huge fix for our only paddling woe. Now we can start paddling much closer to shore, and we’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well the board tracks, and how stable it remains with the shorter fin. Does it track as well as a 9” fin, and provide the same stability? No. But it’s more than a fair compromise for us and provides (in our completely unscientific estimation) maybe 3/4’s the tracking and stability with WAY more usability for our situation. Of note, we also bought the 3” fin and while it also works well the increased tracking and stability of the 4.5” fin compared to the 3” is noticeable. We’re happy to have both and in super shallow conditions are happy to use the 3”, but the 4.5” is our go-to option when conditions allow.

Logan P.
United States United States

Long Overdue

I popped a finbox clean out of my 7'6" MVP because I was running a 9" rigid fiberglass fin on it (terrible, terrible idea). After repairing the board and kicking myself for being too lazy/ cheap to buy the proper fin, I bit the bullet and finally picked up this guy. Totally worth it. No more flying over the handlebars every time I bump into something, and even better, no more broken finboxes! A proper longboard fin is worth the investment, as it is much less susceptible to being lost compared to the side FCS-type tab fins. I wouldn't be surprised if this fin outlives my board.

Eric M.
United States United States

Perfect for shallow rivers!

This was exactly what I was looking for. If you've hit a unexpected obstacle while paddling it can be dangerous. This fin is the perfect length and flexibility to navigate through shoals and eddies with confidence. I banged some river rocks and was shocked at how forgiving the impact was for stability. Great product!

Rachel O.
United States United States

Perfect for low river paddling

I bought this fin to replace the fiberglass fin on my inflatable board. I paddle a lot in a river that is pretty shallow. This fin has been able to withstand 3 trips so far. Even though the fin is short my board still tracks straight in deeper water.