How to Choose the Right Badfish River Surfboard

How to Choose the Right Badfish River Surfboard

Shuvit The Shuvit is 5'2" and 45 liters. Liters is the volume of the board and the key in determining what board is right for you (a board with more volume will have more float than a board with less volume). This has been a very popular surfboard from our line-up in 2021. We took the classic fish shape and adapted it for surfing river waves. It is snappy and turns really well; the fish tail allows you to have a wider tail while still being able to really turn the board hard.


The Snapper is 5'10" and 51 liters. This board has that high-performance feel but the extra volume will float you in all kinds of waves. The single-wing fishtail, where the edge wings in on the tail, carries the volume through the areas where it is most needed and tapers off at the end so you can turn harder due to less material. This board is great for people of bigger builds looking for a high-performance river surfer that will float them or for those who want a high-performance board that will surf a wider variety of waves.


The Reverse is 5'9" and 30 liters. This is our ocean-style shortboard and a special project that Badfish co-founder Zack Hughes and team rider Miles Harvey designed together. This is Miles' go-to board for those fast high-performance high-volume waves.

SK8 5'0"

The 5'0" SK8 Popular board for tight waves where you need more volume. It has a unique drop rail so its got all this thickness but at the tail it has a thinner rail where you are turning so you can have all the volume you want but have a higher-performance turn with the drop rail
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