River Surfer 104


The River Surfer was the board that started it all at Badfish, and has become the standard for all other river surfing SUPs. We refreshed the RS 104 with carbon vector net and reinforced fin boxes. A single-wing swallow tail maintains volume to effectively surf in river waves, while still allowing it to turn harder and tighter. The RS 104 can be surfed as a paddle board or as a traditional surfboard.

//6’ 4” x 28” x 4 5/8”
//104 Liters
//EVA traction
//FCS tri-fin
//Gore-Tex® vented handle
//EPS/Fiberglass construction
//Reinforced fin boxes
//Carbon vector net
//Board Weight: 17lbs
//Rider Capacity: 100lbs-250lbs

The River Surfer is built with a traditional epoxy surfboard layup. This board is built for performance over durability. If durability is a priority, please consider an inflatable board. There is no warranty on the River Surfer once it has been on the water. 


River Surfer from Badfish on Youtube