SK8 5’ 0" HV


The 5’0” boasts 55 liters for advanced riders looking for additional volume in a shortboard to rip tight, fast waves. The SK8 has a unique drop rail around the tail to make the board nimble edge-to-edge while the volume keeps you up and out of the froth allowing for fast acceleration across the face of a wave.

//5’ 0” x 23” x 3 1/2”
//55 Liters
//Full deck EVA traction
//FCS tri-fin
//Gore-Tex® vented handle
//Epoxy construction
//Reinforced fin boxes
//Carbon vector net
//Board Weight: 14lbs
//Rider Capacity: 100lbs-250lbs

The SK8 is built with a traditional epoxy surfboard layup. This board is built for performance over durability. If durability is a priority, please consider an inflatable board. There is no warranty on the SK8 once it has been on the water.

SK8 from Badfish on YouTube