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    Badfish Blog — SUP News

    Welcome to the Team!

    Welcome to the Team!

    When we bring new people onto the Badfish team, we do so carefully. Our team has an incredible family-esque dynamic built on camaraderie and a shared effort to help the sport grow in a positive way. In order to preserve that we try not to let our team get too big. This season we've added more people to the team than we ever have and each one brings something special to our little family.

    Danny Walton

    Danny Walton is a SUP and Big Mountain ski athlete based in Bellevue Idaho. He lives there with wife and 2 young daughters. When the snow melts you'll find him enjoying the run off and running rivers in Idaho. As the water levels drop begins Danny turns to the alpine lakes for training, solitude and exploration. The crescendo of the season is spent catching waves in Oregon. Yes, he loves all aspects of SUP.

    How did you get into SUP? In 2011, I was asked to teach a group of veterans how to sup. Thing is, I had never been on a sup. So, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and spent a day getting familiar with the sport. When sup day came I was dialed and we had an awesome experience. Years later I would get my ACA SUP Teacher Level 1.

    What do you love about SUP? I love all aspects from river to touring to surf! I love the places and things I get to see via a board. You really get to access some remote beautiful places and get to witness wildlife that few get to experience.

    Why Badfish? I want to ride the best! The original in the river sup world and strong crew pushing our sport forward.

    Izzy Hughes

    Izzy is the eldest daughter of Badfish co-founder Zack Hughes. So of course, at age 12, she is charging out there on the river. Izzy is outgoing and a force to be reckoned with. Everything she does she gives it her all and has an enthusiasm that is infectious. Her favorite moment on the river is one any river surfer can relate to, "The moment when I am finally in the wave... after several tries. It's just me, the board, and the river. I look upstream and see the flowing green shimmery water, and the stoked people and dogs. I have a HUGE smile on my face. I love hearing the crowd cheering. Then after all of that I fall in!!!" When she's not on the river she enjoys mountain biking, OneWheeling, and climbing. In the Winter months she's one of the top competitors on the ski team but also loves snowboarding. You'll find her shredding alongside her Dad most days. And when she's not being active she's playing music in a ladies rock band called Miss Match. Izzy's main influencers and people she looks up to are her parents, fellow team riders Miles Harvey & Brittany Parker, and friend Diane French. She also has a dog named Taco that looks like a burrito.


    Emerys is from Durango, Colorado and is the daughter of team paddler Vanessa Taylor. She has been stand up paddling since she was four years old, growing up playing on the pond in her neighborhood. It's an activity that continues to bring her and her Mother closer. This year she will be leaving Durango for the school year to attend the Colorado Rocky Mountain School in Carbondale for the first time. There, she will get to know the Roaring Fork Valley Rivers in the schools paddling program. Emerys says the number one person she looks up to is her Mother and she has hopes to have as much river experience as she has. Along with paddling, Emerys enjoys skiing, snowboarding, climbing, wakeboarding, and wakesurfing. She also plays many musical instruments, is a singer and songwriter, and tries to perform as much as possible. One thing she thinks others should know about her is that, due to her social anxiety she prefers to talk one on one with people.

    Introducing Reta Boychuk as Canada Sales Rep

    Introducing Reta Boychuk as Canada Sales Rep

    We’re growing and so is our demand! We are very excited to be expanding our market into Canada. Our Canada distribution center will be based out of Kamloops, B.C. and Reta Boychuk as our new Canadian sales rep. Shipping rates within Canada have just gotten significantly better! Reta has been on the Badfish team for around a year now. After sitting down with us while she was visiting Colorado last season, we decided she would be a perfect fit in representing Badfish in an even bigger way than solely as a team rider. In just a year she has had a HUGE impact on the growth and progression of the stand up paddling community. We couldn't be happier to have here representing us in the Great White North.
    "I’m excited to be representing Badfish stand up paddle boards in Canada as I have personally experienced the progression and performance Badfish boards like the Rivershred and the Rat Rod allow when it comes to river running and racing. Not only has Badfish proven themselves to have amazing inflatable river designs and river surfers they have integrated their knowledge and technology into their entire line up. The Monarch is the best one board quiver, while the surf traveler suits smaller paddlers and surfs ocean waves like a dream. From Flat to Flow the Exoskeleton technology gives you a stiff inflatable that maintains its shape with performance when weighted on the water!" - Reta Boychuck
    Find us in the following shops:

    Bow Valley SUP Canmore Alberta 621 Main Street Canmore, AB

    Fine Line SUP Revelstoke BC 301 Mackenzie Ave. Revelstoke,BC

    Hellman Canoes and Kayaks Nelson BC 2645 HWY 3A Nelson, BC

    Aquabatics #300 - 8435 Bowfort Rd NW Calgary, AB

    You will also spot us with Norm Hann Expeditions based out of Garibaldi Highlands, B.C.! He will be using our boards specifically for his river camps!
    Want to put Badfish on the shelves of your shop? Reach out to our girl at retasup@gmail.com . Also, learn about some of her upcoming clinics and events on her website.

    New Badfish Podcast-Introducing the Badfish SUP Journal

    New Badfish Podcast-Introducing the Badfish SUP Journal

    Our new Podcast the "Badfish SUP Journal" is live on Apple, Spotify and Google. The mission of the new Podcast is to share some story-telling, interviews and technical tips from the our community and the larger paddling community. The first episode features an interview with a true legend of paddling, Charlie Macarthur "C-Mac". C-Mac shares his story of how he first discovered stand up paddling on the south shore of Oahu in the 70's! Check out the first episode and look for future episodes every couple of weeks. We hope we can provide some interesting content in this period of forced isolation to keep your stoke for paddling alive! Please subscribe to the pod, rate and review the first episode and send in your comments or questions to info@badfishsup.com. Thanks and see you on the water! -Mike Harvey

    Sup Journal Charlie Macarthur

    This is the first River Surfer, then called the "Chubby Stick" that Zack built for me in the winter of 2009.

    Badfish SUP Announces Partnership with Effort, Inc. for Southeastern Sales Representation

    Badfish SUP Announces Partnership with Effort, Inc. for Southeastern Sales Representation

    “Badfish is a brand that aligns directly with the mission and purpose of Effort, Inc. I've known the founders and owners of Badfish for many years and have a great deal of respect for the innovation and creativity they have brought to our industry. I'm certain they are making best-in-class products that answer the needs of consumers and retailers while upholding a valuable and sustainable brand name and good business practices. Effort, Inc. is excited about this partnership with Badfish!”- Spencer Cooke

    Badfish SUP, maker of stand up paddleboards and river surfing boards and based in Salida, CO, is excited to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Spencer Cooke and his multi-media and sales organization, Effort, Inc. Badfish will be represented by Spencer and Brad Scott along with the whole Effort, Inc. team, in the Southeastern US (including Ohio and Pennsylvania.)

    Spencer CookBrad Scott

    Spencer Cooke (Effort, Inc. President) Top: Brad Scott (Territory Manager)

    Badfish was founded in 2010 by surfboard shaper Zack Hughes and whitewater park designer Mike Harvey in Zack’s garage in Salida. In 2017 whitewater kayaking and stand up paddle pioneer Luke Hopkins joined Badfish as the third owner. Badfish designs and manufactures high performance, inflatable paddleboards for everyday paddling as well as purpose built boards for adventures like whitewater, river surfing, fishing and multi-day touring. Badfish is distributed in the US out of their warehouse in Salida.

    Effort, Inc. was founded by Spencer in 1996 and is based in Asheville, NC. Effort, Inc. is a sales and multimedia company focused in specialty sales representation and content creation. Effort , Inc. represents the outdoor industry through relationships, brands and products. In doing so, they hope to encourage positive experiences with the goods they help bring to the consumer market. “This business has always been about using and experiencing the products we sell. We care greatly about how and why the products are made. Just as important, we want to know and care for the people involved in our business. Our job is to sell and our mission is to share, inspire and experience”

    “Badfish is a brand that aligns directly with the mission and purpose of Effort, Inc. I’ve known the founders and owners of Badfish for many years and have a great deal of respect for the innovation and creativity they have brought to our industry. I’m certain they are making best-in-class products that answer the needs of consumers and retailers while upholding a valuable and sustainable brand name and good business practices. Effort, Inc. is excited about this partnership with Badfish!”– Spencer Cooke

    "Spencer and Brad Scott have a long track record in the Outdoor Industry. Not only are they expert paddlers and fishermen, who live this stuff every day, they have a remarkable record of exceptional customer service. After a high stakes negotiation at a truck stop Indian restaurant in Oklahoma (we recommend the goat curry), we were excited that these guys agreed to come on board. We are really excited to be working with them, introducing our boards to new customers in the Southeast and continuing to provide excellent service to our existing customers. Also, Spencer has a pretty cutting edge stable of cats with lasers for eyes…which is a nice bonus.” Says Badfish Co-Owner Mike Harvey.

    Get ready to be seeing more Badfish in the Southeast! To learn more about Effort, Inc. visit their website.

    *Effort, Inc also provides product knowledge through Rapid Transit Video. **Effort, Inc Brand Partners: Accent/CannonASTRALBadfishImmersion ResearchRecover BrandsRumpl

    Ted Keyes as Badfish's Northwest Sale Representative

    Ted Keyes as Badfish's Northwest Sale Representative

    I first met Ted Keyes on a multi-day Main Salmon paddling trip with SUPtheMag. We instantly became friends...but I think that's what Ted does; he makes friends with every body. During the whole trip all he really cared about was making sure everyone around him had a good time. He wasn't concerned with stomping lines and being in the spotlight. The SUP Squatch was his weapon of choice and he'd comically guide paddlers through the rapids on the giant board. Ted loves paddling and he does everything he can to share that love and experience with others. Which is why we are so excited to have him as our new NorthWest sales rep. Everything he does, he does for the love and we know he wouldn't be with us if he didn't believe in us as a company.
    "I'm stoked to join the Badfish SUP family. No other SUP brand has been as dedicated to the growth of the sport as Badfish. Zack Hughes has been consistently shaping the future of the sport from the beginning. Mike Harvey has fielded the most competitive team of athletes that provide the most authentic marketing the sport has to offer. Luke Hopkins has consistently upgraded and evolved the materials and processes of the product to withstand use and abuse that not only exceeds the industry standards, but also raises that bar even higher.So, I'm humble and grateful for the opportunity to be representing Badfish SUP in the outdoor market" -Ted Keyes

    Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Ted now calls Twin Falls, Idaho his home. He holds a Masters Degree (M.A.) in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University and has his Bachelors of Science from Colorado State University. Ted's a paddling OG, he can't remember the time before he was paddling rivers. He was an early canoeist, then raft guide, kayaker, kayak instructor at Colorado state university, and WW kayak competitor. He's been a sales rep in the industry since 1997; so the man knows what he's doing! -Brittany Parker