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    Badfish Blog — Team Riders

    Welcome to the Team!

    Welcome to the Team!

    When we bring new people onto the Badfish team, we do so carefully. Our team has an incredible family-esque dynamic built on camaraderie and a shared effort to help the sport grow in a positive way. In order to preserve that we try not to let our team get too big. This season we've added more people to the team than we ever have and each one brings something special to our little family.

    Danny Walton

    Danny Walton is a SUP and Big Mountain ski athlete based in Bellevue Idaho. He lives there with wife and 2 young daughters. When the snow melts you'll find him enjoying the run off and running rivers in Idaho. As the water levels drop begins Danny turns to the alpine lakes for training, solitude and exploration. The crescendo of the season is spent catching waves in Oregon. Yes, he loves all aspects of SUP.

    How did you get into SUP? In 2011, I was asked to teach a group of veterans how to sup. Thing is, I had never been on a sup. So, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and spent a day getting familiar with the sport. When sup day came I was dialed and we had an awesome experience. Years later I would get my ACA SUP Teacher Level 1.

    What do you love about SUP? I love all aspects from river to touring to surf! I love the places and things I get to see via a board. You really get to access some remote beautiful places and get to witness wildlife that few get to experience.

    Why Badfish? I want to ride the best! The original in the river sup world and strong crew pushing our sport forward.

    Izzy Hughes

    Izzy is the eldest daughter of Badfish co-founder Zack Hughes. So of course, at age 12, she is charging out there on the river. Izzy is outgoing and a force to be reckoned with. Everything she does she gives it her all and has an enthusiasm that is infectious. Her favorite moment on the river is one any river surfer can relate to, "The moment when I am finally in the wave... after several tries. It's just me, the board, and the river. I look upstream and see the flowing green shimmery water, and the stoked people and dogs. I have a HUGE smile on my face. I love hearing the crowd cheering. Then after all of that I fall in!!!" When she's not on the river she enjoys mountain biking, OneWheeling, and climbing. In the Winter months she's one of the top competitors on the ski team but also loves snowboarding. You'll find her shredding alongside her Dad most days. And when she's not being active she's playing music in a ladies rock band called Miss Match. Izzy's main influencers and people she looks up to are her parents, fellow team riders Miles Harvey & Brittany Parker, and friend Diane French. She also has a dog named Taco that looks like a burrito.


    Emerys is from Durango, Colorado and is the daughter of team paddler Vanessa Taylor. She has been stand up paddling since she was four years old, growing up playing on the pond in her neighborhood. It's an activity that continues to bring her and her Mother closer. This year she will be leaving Durango for the school year to attend the Colorado Rocky Mountain School in Carbondale for the first time. There, she will get to know the Roaring Fork Valley Rivers in the schools paddling program. Emerys says the number one person she looks up to is her Mother and she has hopes to have as much river experience as she has. Along with paddling, Emerys enjoys skiing, snowboarding, climbing, wakeboarding, and wakesurfing. She also plays many musical instruments, is a singer and songwriter, and tries to perform as much as possible. One thing she thinks others should know about her is that, due to her social anxiety she prefers to talk one on one with people.

    Shannon Thomas's Surf & Paddle Van Storage

    Shannon Thomas's Surf & Paddle Van Storage

    - Written by Shannon Thomas When I planned to build out my newly purchased 2014 Dodge Ram Promaster, I had 2 things in mind. For Bailey and I to live comfortably and to fit as much of my paddling gear as possible plus my surf and SUP boards. After living and traveling in the van for almost 2 years I’ve learned and changed a lot. But those core principles remain intact. Here are some of the storage ideas that I’m applying to my everyday van life.

    Making the bed higher increases storage underneath but does eliminate some living space. Below, I have 2 plastic totes with lids for storage. These contain my wetsuits, booties, gloves, leashes, PFD and other things I use regularly. On top of the totes I’m able to store both of my hard Badfish SK8’s, a 5.0 and a 5.0 high volume. Im able to then fit a few inflatables rolled up; such as my Badfish inflatable holeshot, rivershred, and Isk8. All of it fits directly under my bed. To the right, I have a smaller space for random gear. Such as a small tote of all my fins, my one wheel, sector9 longboard, a pump for inflatables, and other misc gear.

    In the living space, I was able to fit an ocean surfboard on the side of the wall due to its low volume. My 6’4 river surfer in its bag is lashed to the ceiling and stays out of the way. I use this board often for river SUP surfing so wanted easy accessibility to it. In the colder months of the year, I keep an empty post surf tote to temporarily store my wet gear. I can also hang up inside the van with the tote catching all the dripping water.

    The roof rack is an obvious must have when living on the road. My Dodge Ram

    Promaster comes with easy bracket mounts with several rack systems to choose from. I was able to mount a Yakima Cargo Box to one side to store all my paddles, extra gear, dry bags, and longer bulky items I don’t use as often. On the other side, I can strap down any boards of any length. I make sure any board I strap to the roof is in a good board bag to protect from the elements. When setting up for “camp”, shade is important in the summer months so I use an ARB awning that extends over the side doors. It makes for a nice outdoor patio area. And lastly, of course, is a ladder to get to the roof. It also works great for hanging wet gear but just make sure you grab everything before driving off. Done that a few different times and now I always make sure to hang 1 piece of gear on drivers side mirror as a reminder!

    Hannah Ray J's 2020 River Surfing Re-cap

    Hannah Ray J's 2020 River Surfing Re-cap

    src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2113/9367/files/1-cover-photo-1024x768.jpg" alt="" width="1024" height="768" /> -Written by: Hannah Ray J

    I accomplished many things in 2020. Some things I would have never thought of if it wasn’t for our current and ongoing unprecedented times. What things were they may you wonder?

    • I made a frog sculpture out of two old wheel barrows with my mother

    • I made a homemade barbell and weight set with the help of my main squeeze Marty. We named it the Fred Flintstone Fitness Set.

    • I celebrated the 2 year old birthday of my SCOBY.

    • I learned a phonics monkey, McNasty, split wheel, and stern squirt.

    • I grew way too many carrots in my garden

    • I canned 50+ quarts of apple juice

    • I learned my mother used to camp out in parking lots with her friend. (No wonder where I got it from?!)

    • I started a whitewater mentorship in my community

    • I learned what a Derecho is from first hand experience

    • I pierced my fingers more times than I can count sewing a neck hug for my dog

    • I dubbed a new to me sport called “hiking with fishing poles”

    • Surfed under the Strawberry Moon

    • Named a section of river “The section of tears” Ask for the story if you’re so inclined.

    What does all of this have to do with river surfing? Well, some it very little, but it’s all about balance for me. The balance of working at my day job, juggling family commitments, eating whole foods, exercising, tending to living things, and pursuing my endless endeavor of whitewater kayaking and river surfing!

    This year the majority of my river surfing was spent at my home wave, DD Wave, on the Cedar River in Charles City Iowa. Flows were awesome until July of this year. I was able to squeeze in many hours of river surfing while there was water. From snow and 30-degree water to hot, humid horsefly-biting, the hours in the river are always worth it to me. Lots of fellow kayaking peeps grabbed a board this year too!

    Check out the highlights video and keep #surfIOWA on your hit list.

    -Hannah Ray J