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    Badfish Blog — Uncategorized

    5 Reasons to Seek Out Water

    5 Reasons to Seek Out Water

    ”Whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people’s hats off—then, I account it is high time to get to the sea as soon as I can,” Herman Melville’s in Moby Dick.
    We are living in a time where stress and anxiety levels are constant and at an all-time high. With the average person spending upwards to three and a half hours on their phone every day it's no wonder we're so stressed. Time on our phones has been shown to increase our levels of cortisol, a stress-related hormone. It's been scientifically proven that, “Every chronic disease we know of is exacerbated by stress,” says Dr. Robert Lustig, emeritus professor in pediatric endocrinology at the University of California, San Francisco, and author of “The Hacking of the American Mind.” “And our phones are absolutely contributing to this.” So, what do we do? According to marine biologist and author of "Blue Mind" Wallace J. Nichols, we find "our water" and here's five reasons why...
    1. Happy Chemicals Being around water has been shown to induce chemicals in the brain that promote wellness, increase blood flow to the brain and heart to induce relaxation. It’s no coincidence that homes near or overlooking the water are the most desireable. 2. Boost Creativity: Water is being used to help manage and treat PTSD, addiction, and anxiety disorders. Studies have also been done to show that being near water can boost creativity and enhance conversation. Well respected intellectuals, artists, and writers were known to use water as a way of channeling their creativity. Some known to do a lot of their writing in bathtubs or taking showers whenever stuck with writer’s block.
    “There is something about being in water and swimming which alters my mood, gets my thoughts going, as nothing else can,” Sacks writes. “Sentences and paragraphs would write themselves in my mind, and at such times I would have to come to shore every so often to discharge them.” -Oliver Sacks
    3. Mental Rest: The weightlessness of being in water gives your brain an opportunity to take a break from all it’s effort in controlling the hundreds of muscles that keep you up and moving. It’s safe to say when we’re on stand up paddleboards this isn’t true but have you ever jumped into the water after paddling your board for thirty minutes? Try finishing your next paddle with a swim/float (if the conditions are safe and permit it) and soak in the relaxing effects of being weightless and see where your mind takes you.
    4. Feel More Connected to Nature: Water has the ability to transition you into more of a meditative state. It’s so use to having constant and complex input, both visual and auditory. Being in or near water free of your phones and other distractions allows your mind to put its attention elsewhere. You may notice that you feel more connected to nature and to yourself when you’re in the water. Wallace J Nichols, marine biologist and author or ‘Blue Mind’, says in an article “In a natural environment on or near water, there’s a high degree of predictability — unlike a busy street, a body of water is largely the same from moment to moment. The background we see is fairly controlled, which allows part of the brain to relax.” 5. Increased Compassion: Water can possibly change your perspective. The river, ocean, lakes, and waterfalls all have the ability to make us feel a sense of awe. Some studies have found that this sense of awe in the vastness and power of water can shrink our egos and encourage more generosity and compassion towards our fellow humans. But don't take our word for it. Go out there and find your water.

    How to Choose the Right Badfish River Surfboard

    How to Choose the Right Badfish River Surfboard

    Shuvit The Shuvit is 5'2" and 45 liters. Liters is the volume of the board and the key in determining what board is right for you (a board with more volume will have more float than a board with less volume). This has been a very popular surfboard from our line-up in 2021. We took the classic fish shape and adapted it for surfing river waves. It is snappy and turns really well; the fish tail allows you to have a wider tail while still being able to really turn the board hard.


    The Snapper is 5'10" and 51 liters. This board has that high-performance feel but the extra volume will float you in all kinds of waves. The single-wing fishtail, where the edge wings in on the tail, carries the volume through the areas where it is most needed and tapers off at the end so you can turn harder due to less material. This board is great for people of bigger builds looking for a high-performance river surfer that will float them or for those who want a high-performance board that will surf a wider variety of waves.


    The Reverse is 5'9" and 30 liters. This is our ocean-style shortboard and a special project that Badfish co-founder Zack Hughes and team rider Miles Harvey designed together. This is Miles' go-to board for those fast high-performance high-volume waves.

    SK8 5'0"

    The 5'0" SK8 Popular board for tight waves where you need more volume. It has a unique drop rail so its got all this thickness but at the tail it has a thinner rail where you are turning so you can have all the volume you want but have a higher-performance turn with the drop rail

    Hannah Ray J's 2020 River Surfing Re-cap

    Hannah Ray J's 2020 River Surfing Re-cap

    src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2113/9367/files/1-cover-photo-1024x768.jpg" alt="" width="1024" height="768" /> -Written by: Hannah Ray J

    I accomplished many things in 2020. Some things I would have never thought of if it wasn’t for our current and ongoing unprecedented times. What things were they may you wonder?

    • I made a frog sculpture out of two old wheel barrows with my mother

    • I made a homemade barbell and weight set with the help of my main squeeze Marty. We named it the Fred Flintstone Fitness Set.

    • I celebrated the 2 year old birthday of my SCOBY.

    • I learned a phonics monkey, McNasty, split wheel, and stern squirt.

    • I grew way too many carrots in my garden

    • I canned 50+ quarts of apple juice

    • I learned my mother used to camp out in parking lots with her friend. (No wonder where I got it from?!)

    • I started a whitewater mentorship in my community

    • I learned what a Derecho is from first hand experience

    • I pierced my fingers more times than I can count sewing a neck hug for my dog

    • I dubbed a new to me sport called “hiking with fishing poles”

    • Surfed under the Strawberry Moon

    • Named a section of river “The section of tears” Ask for the story if you’re so inclined.

    What does all of this have to do with river surfing? Well, some it very little, but it’s all about balance for me. The balance of working at my day job, juggling family commitments, eating whole foods, exercising, tending to living things, and pursuing my endless endeavor of whitewater kayaking and river surfing!

    This year the majority of my river surfing was spent at my home wave, DD Wave, on the Cedar River in Charles City Iowa. Flows were awesome until July of this year. I was able to squeeze in many hours of river surfing while there was water. From snow and 30-degree water to hot, humid horsefly-biting, the hours in the river are always worth it to me. Lots of fellow kayaking peeps grabbed a board this year too!

    Check out the highlights video and keep #surfIOWA on your hit list.

    -Hannah Ray J

    New Badfish Podcast-Introducing the Badfish SUP Journal

    New Badfish Podcast-Introducing the Badfish SUP Journal

    Our new Podcast the "Badfish SUP Journal" is live on Apple, Spotify and Google. The mission of the new Podcast is to share some story-telling, interviews and technical tips from the our community and the larger paddling community. The first episode features an interview with a true legend of paddling, Charlie Macarthur "C-Mac". C-Mac shares his story of how he first discovered stand up paddling on the south shore of Oahu in the 70's! Check out the first episode and look for future episodes every couple of weeks. We hope we can provide some interesting content in this period of forced isolation to keep your stoke for paddling alive! Please subscribe to the pod, rate and review the first episode and send in your comments or questions to info@badfishsup.com. Thanks and see you on the water! -Mike Harvey

    Sup Journal Charlie Macarthur

    This is the first River Surfer, then called the "Chubby Stick" that Zack built for me in the winter of 2009.

    Introducing the Selfie 14'

    Introducing the Selfie 14'

    After years of research, development, and product testing of many different shapes for an ideal self-support stand up paddle board we give you the Selfie! Hours in the shaping bay and 100's of miles on the river have been put into this design. Having a high-performance inflatable self-support SUP opens the door to new possibility of where you can go on a board. You can take the Selfie with you anywhere! Now Available.