Hannah Ray J's 2020 River Surfing Re-cap

Hannah Ray J's 2020 River Surfing Re-cap

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I accomplished many things in 2020. Some things I would have never thought of if it wasn’t for our current and ongoing unprecedented times. What things were they may you wonder?

• I made a frog sculpture out of two old wheel barrows with my mother

• I made a homemade barbell and weight set with the help of my main squeeze Marty. We named it the Fred Flintstone Fitness Set.

• I celebrated the 2 year old birthday of my SCOBY.

• I learned a phonics monkey, McNasty, split wheel, and stern squirt.

• I grew way too many carrots in my garden

• I canned 50+ quarts of apple juice

• I learned my mother used to camp out in parking lots with her friend. (No wonder where I got it from?!)

• I started a whitewater mentorship in my community

• I learned what a Derecho is from first hand experience

• I pierced my fingers more times than I can count sewing a neck hug for my dog

• I dubbed a new to me sport called “hiking with fishing poles”

• Surfed under the Strawberry Moon

• Named a section of river “The section of tears” Ask for the story if you’re so inclined.

What does all of this have to do with river surfing? Well, some it very little, but it’s all about balance for me. The balance of working at my day job, juggling family commitments, eating whole foods, exercising, tending to living things, and pursuing my endless endeavor of whitewater kayaking and river surfing!

This year the majority of my river surfing was spent at my home wave, DD Wave, on the Cedar River in Charles City Iowa. Flows were awesome until July of this year. I was able to squeeze in many hours of river surfing while there was water. From snow and 30-degree water to hot, humid horsefly-biting, the hours in the river are always worth it to me. Lots of fellow kayaking peeps grabbed a board this year too!

Check out the highlights video and keep #surfIOWA on your hit list.

-Hannah Ray J

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