A SUP Paddle That Helps You Reach Peak Performance

A SUP Paddle That Helps You Reach Peak Performance

Never underestimate the impact a high quality paddle can make on your experience in just about any paddlesport. From whitewater kayaking to paddleboarding (SUP), a basic entry paddle will get you on the water, but once you find your sea legs you’ll be looking to step it up.

After all, a subpar paddle can hinder performance on the best of boards. 

Many beginner paddles that come with all-around and entry level paddleboards are made of nylon blades and plastic on the t-grip with an aluminum shaft. Those are durable materials, but they aren’t the best for performance. Great for getting started, not for leveling up.


A purpose-built SUP paddle made of quality materials and designed with high-performance features is game changing for paddling efficiency and energy management. The right SUP paddle will help you make more precise movements and more powerful strokes with less effort. That translates to less fatigue, improved stability, and more time you can spend touring before you’re tapped out or even that extra dose of stamina needed to win the race. 

Explore Our New Carbon Performance Paddle

Nothing feels better for paddling than a carbon fiber paddle. And when it comes to performance, there’s no real competition to speak of. 

We partnered with Accent/Cannon Paddles to create our new Carbon Performance Paddle Series. The folks over there have decades of experience engineering premium SUP, canoe, and kayak paddles. We were eager to put our heads together to create a SUP paddle that’s both premium quality and versatile enough for all the many types of paddling we do, from running rivers to cruising sunrise laps along the gulf shore. 

Why Carbon?

Carbon fiber is an amazing material with applications in many different industries. 

For our application in stand up paddleboarding, it’s the strength-to-weight ratio and stiffness that make carbon SUP paddles the holy grail. Carbon fiber suspended in resin is exceptionally strong. In fact, it’s nearly as strong as steel, while remaining 90% lighter. 

It’s also stiff. This is an important characteristic when making a SUP paddle because when you take a stroke with a stiff paddle, the power from your body is transferred directly into propelling your board. 

A paddle with more give and flexibility (less stiffness) does not transfer the energy of your stroke as efficiently down and through the shaft of the paddle. This means you're trying harder, paddling more, and ultimately tiring out sooner. 

When Die Hard Paddlers Make a SUP Paddle for Other Die Hard Paddlers: Features With Purpose

The Performance Paddle is available in both 2-piece and 3-piece options. 

The 3-piece option is perfect for carrying along anywhere you travel. Pair it with our 2021 Outside Gear of the Year Award Winning Flyweight inflatable SUP. It fits right in any inflatable SUP bag with your board. And don’t stress about sacrificing critical stiffness for a 3-piece paddle. The mid-shaft connection combines the traditional push button connection with a clamp so that the paddle feels as stiff as possible.

Each paddle in the Carbon Performance Paddle Series comes with the Lever Lock adjustment. This is the best adjustment technology on the market. The lever lock adjusts quickly and simply. Think of when you’re surfing and paddling in the ocean — you might want a shorter paddle for surfing but need to lengthen the paddle on-the-fly for the paddle home. 

Unlike some other adjustable paddles on the market, when the Carbon Performance Paddle is  locked down using the Lever Lock system, the adjustable portion of the shaft doesn’t spin or feel loose. The t-grip is ergonomic. It’s the only adjustable paddle that truly feels like a single piece construction. 

The Lever Lock allows for 16” of adjustability. Plenty to accommodate most paddlers.  

Each paddle in the Carbon Performance Series features a compression molded blade with a foam core spine. This helps to further prioritize weight reduction and maximal strength. With 93 square inches of surface area, the blade gives you good power and catch without putting too much strain on your body. 

Both SUP paddles in the Carbon Performance Series weigh less than 2 pounds.

Once you go carbon, it's hard to go back. If you’re ready to take your paddling to the next level take a look at our new Carbon Performance Paddles.
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