Badfish Surf Shop 2023 Holiday Gift Guides

Badfish Surf Shop 2023 Holiday Gift Guides

Shopping for Christmas gifts for your favorite river lover? Or looking to casually drop some hints for yourself?! Our Surf Shop Gift Guides have something for everyone, from beginner surfers to lake paddleboarders to out of towners who appreciate cool, local gifts.  Come by the shop and get your people geared up, suited up, and having fun in the river. A lot of these gifts are also available on our website!


iSK8- Our lower volume inflatable board easily catches and holds you in the wave while learning to pop up or move across it. A great board for kids and adults (up to 180 lbs, above that we recommend the Wavo)

River Helmet- For your friend still rocking that bike helmet in the river.  Shop our Shred Ready and Pro Tec helmets, available in sizes XS-L.

Astral PFD-  Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's) are required in most Colorado whitewater parks, and Astral's range is thoughtfully designed for surfing, paddleboarding, and rafting.

8' Straight Releash- Not interested in chasing your board downriver? This has a quick release that attaches to your PFD or surf belt to keep you safe and your board close while you lap some waves.

O'Neill 4/3 Front Zip Wetsuit- Keeps you so warm you'll have to quit from your legs burning out, not from the cold. Use the sizing guide to ensure you get a nice snug fit that prevent water from flushing through.

Nomadix Changing Poncho- Look cool and stay dry while changing in and out of your wetsuit. Several designs available in youth and adult sizes.

Badfish Hat- River hair is a real thing. We have corduroy hats, dad hats, trucker hats, retro get the idea.



Wave Farmer Surf Board-  THE BOARD specifically designed to get you absolutely shredding on the new Scout Wave. Available in three different sizes (4'10", 5'2", 5'4").

- Impact Vest- A surf specific PFD that reduces bulk while maintaining buoyancy. 

- Surf Belt- Impact Vests lack a loop or strap for attaching your leash. Enter the Surf Belt.

- Board Repair Kit- The rocks and concrete are gonna win at some point. This easy at-home repair kit is perfect for the inevitable river surfboard dings and scrapes. 

- Booties and Mittens- 5 MM O'Neill Mittens keep your hands toasty and warm, albeit slightly useless, all year round.  These booties are warm throughout the winter and helpful in the summer, protecting you from rocks and hazards in the eddy.

- C-Monsta- The perfect drying and storage rack for all of your surf gear. Hangs booties, mittens, wetsuit, helmet and PFD.

- Badfish Beanie and Hoodie- Perfect cozy gifts for warming up after a surf.



- Youth Wetsuit- O'Neill 5/4 MM Youth Wetsuits in two different colorways. Kids staying warm means everyone has more fun and you might even get to surf a little longer. 

- Donut Tube or River Rat Boogie Board- Is there such thing as too many river toys? Get everyone in those river waves, floating downriver, and lapping the white water park. 

- Nomadix Towel- Guaranteed to dry even when left in a pile on the floor. Okay that's a stretch, but these lightweight, high performance towels will actually become the only towel they need. 

- Goodr Sunglasses- Colorful and fun sunglasses you won't mind your kids "borrowing". LFG's are a great size (and price) for your little groms.

- Sun Bum Chapstick- Lots of fun flavors to choose from with all the SPF you need for river days.

- Badfish Hat- For the days when hats are easier to put on your kids than sunscreen. 

- Nomadix Puffer Blanket- Super cozy and super compact, these are the perfect blanket for boat trips, road trips, and all the times in between.



- Monarch or Rivershred- Looking for some flatwater miles or lake time? The Monarch is your ticket. If cruising downriver rapids is more your thing, the Rivershred has you covered.

Travel Paddle- Pack it up or pack it in, this high performance travel paddle comes in three attachable pieces to make it the perfect go-anywhere paddle.  

- 6' Coil Releash- This coiled leash with a quick release keeps your leash out of your way but your board close if you end up going for a swim.

- Astral PFD- From minimal designs to side zips and extra pockets, we have a full range of Astral PFD's to keep you safe and comfortable on the river.

- Board Shorts- For those short, beautiful summer months where we don't need all the neoprene. We have a range of styles and sizes available from RVCA, O'Neill, and RipCurl.

- Lifeguard Hat - Practical AND cool. Excellent sun protection with super chill river vibes.

- Badfish Cam Straps- Because when have you ever had enough cam straps for a river trip? Available in 2', 4', 6', 9', 12' and 15', as well as 12' and 15' padded straps. 

- Cold Case Phone Case- Time to replace that ziploc baggie. This heat protected, waterproof phone case is a gamechanger for downriver trips.



Need a few last minute ideas and stocking stuffers? For your surfers or out of towners who love a cool local gift, there is something here for everyone. 


Make that list and check it twice, and then come on by the store and pick out some great gifts to keep building that river stoke. We hope you all have a very happy holiday season!

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