Review: Rivershred

Review: Rivershred

"This is a board that you will want to take home to meet your parents."

Review By: Brian Berge from Next Adventure Paddle Sports

Value Rating: 10

Durability Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

Location of Test: Clackamas River Confidence Run

Duration of Test: Full Day

Product Name: Rivershred SUP

Product Brand: Badfish

Best Use: Hard charging whitewater

Have you heard?? Our Badfish whitewater SUP demos have just landed at Next Adventure's Paddle Sports Center! This is a game changer for those of you wanting to run whitewater in a whole new style. These boards are so sick, and I've had so many ants in my pants waiting for them. As soon as they arrived, I took the opportunity to run the cream of the crop, the Rivershred, on the Confidence Run of the Upper Clackamas River during a Get Out and Paddle. It was magic. This is a whole new board shape for me and I'm gonna tell you all about it...

The most notable feature of this board is the huuuuge rocker that runs the length of the board from nose to tail. This board is shaped like a banana. This allows for you to punch through holes with ease, gliding you right up and over the water. Rarely did I see water rise up over the front deck and when it did it shed off the side in no time at all. In addition to that this board holds its width throughout a majority of the board. Sitting at 36" wide in the center with slight tapering towards the tail and a little more aggressive tapering towards the nose, this is a stable board. Carrying the width towards the tail of the board gives you incredible stability while the tapering effect towards the nose means this board can still cruise. Stable, fast and the ability to punch through waves. This is incredible. It paddles so smooth.

If ever there was a board designed to crush a wave train with ease it is this board. I can't say enough good things about the rocker and stability of this board. That is the combination you're looking for when it comes to whitewater SUPing. You need a paddleboard that is stable enough to run those rough waves but you don't want to be taking on water or sacrificing speed to do so. In comes that rocker. While at the peak of a wave your back foot will control the direction of the board and the board has your back as you enter the next wave in the train. The nose is already angled up to project you up and over. Wave trains all day.

Full review posted on Next Adventure's Website

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