Which All-Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is Right for You?

Which All-Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is Right for You?

Every board in the Badfish lineup comes from a design process that always starts with us asking ourselves “What do we want to paddle?” Badfish is made up of paddlers and first and foremost we make boards that we want to paddle and share with our friends. That’s how the company started with Zack shaping a board for Mike to ride, then he made one for another friend and so on. With our all-around and flatwater lineup of stand up paddle boards, each model has its place and purpose. Here is a basic overview of how each of our best-selling flatwater inflatable boards fit into the lineup to help you decide what might be the best board for you.



We call the Monarch the “king of quiver” because it is the most versatile model we make. If you are buying a paddleboard for the first time the Monarch is a great choice. At 11’x34”x5” the Monarch is stable but nimble enough to paddle efficiently. At 34” wide you can throw your pup or child on the board with you and still feel stable. The Monarch also has enough width for mellow river paddling. The fixed fins on the Monarch are indestructible and always there so you never have to worry about losing your fins. Three 4.5” fins provide good tracking, but for paddlers looking for a SUP to paddle distances, you might want to consider one of our boards with removable fins so you can change up the fin configuration for different conditions. The Monarch is a great choice for the casual paddler just looking to get out on the water, but as you advance, you’ll never outgrow the versatility.



The Flyweight is the lightest stand up paddle board in our lineup. The Flyweight uses an innovative type of drop stitch material, called AirLite that makes the board 30% lighter without sacrificing any stiffness or durability. The winner of the 2021 Outside Magazine gear of the year, the Flyweight is 10’6x30”x5”. Another advantage of AirLite is the material is very pliable meaning it rolls into a very tight cylinder making the Flyweight a great choice for travelers, urban dwellers taking public transportation to a paddling site, or adventurers looking to pack the board into a remote lake. The Flyweight matches well with smaller paddlers who are looking for a lighter board but can accommodate paddlers up to 220lbs. The Flyweight has three Click Fin boxes which limit the fin options to only click fin compatible fins, but this feature helps the board roll up tighter as the Click Fin boxes have a smaller footprint. We have a 7” Click Fin that can be purchased as an accessory and improve the tracking of the Flyweight over the included 4.5” click fins. The Flyweight is largely a board meant to be paddled in flat water in lakes and the ocean.



The Wayfarer is the newest addition to our quiver of stand up paddle boards and has quickly become a favorite of our crew. The Wayfarer is a performance touring board that is 11’6x31”x5.6”. The Wayfarer is for the paddler who wants to paddle for fitness or touring and wants to efficiently make miles. The patented Wiki Rail tail creates a clean release off the tail of the board when it is gliding making the board more efficient so over the course of a longer paddle you can go farther and save energy by eliminating the turbulence created off the tail of typical inflatable SUP’s. The Wayfarer has three removable fin boxes, including a standard US longboard center fin box, which allows you to put in 9” touring style fins for superior tracking on flatwater. The Wayfarer has one Scotty plate accessory mount so you can bring a fishing rod, GPS or even a cup holder along for the ride. At 5.6” thick the Wayfarer has a little more volume to accommodate a wide range of paddlers, without sacrificing stability. If you goal is to go out and make some miles and explore, the Wayfarer is a great fit for you.


Choosing the right paddle board is all about asking yourself what your goals are with your new board. If you are unsure we are always here to answer questions give us a call, shoot us an email or hop on our live chat and we will spend time with you making sure you find the board that’s a perfect match for you goals.


See you on the water!

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