Chasing Waves and Family Balance with Claire Graff

Chasing Waves and Family Balance with Claire Graff

We get to show their tiny eyes and tiny growing brains what creating our happiness looks like."

Here's an uplifting and honest portrayal of family/adventure life balance by team rider and mother of two Claire Graff. She shows us the beauty and challenges in holding onto the things we love throughout parenthood.

Claire and Spencer won't stop fanning their adventure flame even after their second little boy is born. Determined to prioritize both their family and their passion for river surfing, they pack the RV with boards and diapers and go chase river waves. With a three year old and two month old in-tow, it's anything but easy, but what it brings to their lives is worth every ounce of extra work.

*All shot on the fly with a small camera while trying not to drive my family crazy.

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