How to Frontside 360: Featuring Hannah Ray J

How to Frontside 360: Featuring Hannah Ray J

Find a wave, green or slight foam. A wave with a long enough trough for the board to slide down the face works well for learning 360s. I'm surfing the green Double D Wave at Charles City Whitewater and at medium-low flow.

Board: Badfish River Surfer


Fins: I use the Colorado River Surf Company Staircase side bite fins. No center fin.

Get comfortable carving around your wave, find the sweet spot.

  • Start high on the wave, feet a little wider than shoulder width apart and centered over the board.
  • Initiate your 360 by taking a powerful forward stroke.
  • Let the board glide down the face of the wave, keeping your weight centered as you rotate your upper body.
  • Reach your paddle back to the wave, near the nose of the board (you will be about 180 through your spin at this point), take another powerful stroke to bring the board around completing your 360. Use the paddle for any bracing needed at this point.

Common issues:

  • Catching an edge.
  • Weak forward stroke to initiate.
  • Hesitating after the initial forward stroke, not carrying enough momentum throughout to finish.


  • Set up high, aggressive forward stroke, balanced foot weight, use the paddle for a brace as you finish.
  • There's tons of different styles for 360s, this one works for me. Show me those spins!

-Hannah Ray J

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