Rivershred Review with Mike Tavares

Rivershred Review with Mike Tavares

Team rider Mike Tavares gives us a rundown of all the Rivershred specs and what makes it so effective in whitewater. This is Mike's signature inflatable stand up paddle board and if you've ever seen him paddle you know the man knows what he's talking about.

Rocker is one of the most important features on a board. We made it our mission to achieve consistent progressive rocker form tip to tail in the Rivershred. There are a lot of whitewater boards out there that say they are designed for whitewater but tend to be fairly flap. You may notice some river boards will have some kick rocker at the tip and tail while flattening out rather quickly. But if you see whitewater rafts or kayaks, you’ll notice that they have very little, if any, flat spots. This enables them, like the Rivershred to move with ease through whitewater, it makes it easy to maneuver, and will pop right up and over those waves.

Click here to learn more about the Rivershred. Also, use our dealer locator to see if you can check one out at a paddle shop near you.

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