Badfish's 10 Ways to Get Stoked for the 2021 Season

Badfish's 10 Ways to Get Stoked for the 2021 Season

Let’s face it, 2020 was a class V year, making it to the end still standing has felt somewhat impossible. But 2021 is just around the corner and while the future remains uncertaint we want you to go into it feeling strong! Here are our TOP 10 things to help you get ready and excited for the 2021 paddling season!

1. The Badfish SUP Journal Podcast

Badfish Sup Journal

We started a podcast earlier this year and believe it's a great way for us to feel connected to our community. Hear from Olympic kayaker Rebecca Giddens to feel inspired, start planning trips after listening to Dan Gaveres top paddling destinations, and get excited for some multi-day trips with our episode on self-support stand up paddling.

2. Natali Zollinger's Workouts


Get fit and ready for your 2021 paddling and river surfing adventures with team rider Natali Zollinger's Garmin Fitness workout series.

3. Get Stoked Badfish Video Playlist on Repeat

4. Tis' the Season for River Permit Applications & Trip Planning.


It's virtual permit party time! Connect with your friends and lock in some dates to apply for river permits on some of the most coveted rivers in the United States' like Dinosaur National Monument on the Green, the Rogue River in Oregon, or the Middle Fork or Main of the Salmon. The lottery closes February 1 2021.

5. How-To Videos to Start Visualizing Your Paddling and River Surfing Technique.

6. Carve the Concrete with Surf Dayton Skateboard Decks

Badfish Skateboard Deck

7. Rowing Machine Workout

Maintaining that paddling strength by hopping on the rowing machine for a quick but not so easy workout.

Rowing Machine Workout: 2000 Meters in 7 minutes 4x a week

8. Learn to Patch and Repair Surfboard Dings

9. The Eddy Out Podcast

Eddy Out Pod Cast

A new river podcast co-hosted by team riders Natali Zollinger and Brittany Parker.

10. BP's Let's Go Surfing Spotify Playlist

Spotify Playlist

Happy 2021 everyone and we are just as stoked as you are to get back on the water as much as possible in 2021!

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