How to Choose the Right River Surfboard

How to Choose the Right River Surfboard

We have the most extensive line-up of river surfboards on the market. Many boards mean many options to choose from, we want to help you make the decision in choosing the right board for you. It is important to remember there are many details unique to each individual surfer that factor into choosing the right board for river surfing such as, where you surf, how you like to surf, and your size and weight. You can reach out to us anytime at and will be able to best steer you towards the right board. With that said, lets get into the 2022 surfboard lineup!

We have redesigned the construction on all of our epoxy boards. They now have a carbon vector netting on the tail and reinforced fin boxes for added durability. 


The Shuv-It has been very popular and well-received amongst team riders and customers. It is 5’2” in length and 45 liters, liters is the volume and the key in determining what board is right for you. This classic fish shape has been adapted for river surfing to make it snappy and turn quickly without sacrificing float. The fishtail allows you to have a wider tail but really turn the board hard.




Snapper – 5’10 51 liters. This board feels like a high-performance shortboard but the extra volume will float you in all kinds of waves. Single wing fishtail (wings in on the tail) carries the volume to the tail but at the very end where your turning have less material so you can turn harder.



The Reverse is our ocean-style shortboard. It is 5’9” in length and 30 liters. A high-performance board for high-performance waves.


5'0" SK8

The 5’0” SK8  is a popular board for tight waves where you need more volume. It has a unique drop rail allowing you to have all the thickness to float you but thins out at the tail to increase edge responsiveness. This board lets you have all the volume you want while maintaining that higher-performance turn.



5'6" SK8

The 5'6" SK8 is the longboard and shortboard package. Has all the volume you need to float you. Great for when the waves turn mushy.


104 River Surfer

The 104 liter River Surfer is the evolution of the original design that started Badfish. Meant to be a SUP for river surfing but many people also use it for a shortboard because they want or need the volume. The single-wing fishtail means it turns well for a board of that size.


In the end, getting the right board is less about your size and weight and more about where and how you like to surf. We hope this helps! Reach out to us anytime, we love helping our customers find the perfect river surfing board! 

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