How to Set up your Badfisher for SUP Fishing

How to Set up your Badfisher for SUP Fishing

The Badfisher is a great all-around platform. You can do nothing more than pump it up, take it out on the lake, and have a great time. But if your goal is to get out and fish off the board, it is specially designed for just that. It's got lots of tie-downs, d-rings, and different attachment points so you can customize it to perfectly fit your style. We're going to walk you through how we like to set it up for a day out SUP fishing.

We like to tie a cooler behind the cockpit of the board using the back d-rings, even if we're not planning on putting stuff in the cooler. The cooler gives you a place to sit down, tie a fly, or take a break. Make sure you leave plenty of room in the cockpit to move forward and back if you need to. 

You also have the option of turning the board into a sit-on-top kayak by adding the Badfish Perch Fishing Chair and the custom Badfish Custom Kayak Paddle. You can attach the chair to the four D-rings along the edge of the board directly behind the handle. 

The Badfisher has three Scotty plate attachments. These can be used to attach the Scotty Spincaster/Spinning Rod Holder or other accessories like a GPS, cup holder, or action camera. 

Up front we like to attach a tackle box or dry bag, something to hold all those extra lures, flies, and fishing line.

Whenever there is a little wind or you just want to hold your position and cast at some fish, an anchor is a must! We typically use the front Scotty plate for an anchor mount. A simple bag anchor is preferable so we don't get stuck carrying around a heavy anchor. Bag anchors allow you to throw rocks in them to create the necessary weight to anchor your board. But you can always use a heavier metal sea kayak style anchor. 

There is something so simple, versatile, and easy about SUP fishing, plus it is hard to beat the visual advantage you get from standing up. The inflatable Badfisher rolls up into a backpack making it easy to take it with you anywhere or even hike it into your favorite alpine lake. We hope this quick overview helps and please reach out to us with any questions. Happy fishing!

Make sure you use the included hardware with any accessories so you don't damage your board

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